Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mom Won Big Bucks in DAR-Sponsored Contest, Circa 1933

Here's a clipping I found in my mother's files. The source information was not noted, so I can't (at this moment) identify the newspaper. My mother, born Luella Jean Rote, grew up in Sandusky, Erie, Ohio, so it's likely this is from one of the local newspapers for Sandusky. Chronicling America lists a number of newspapers for Sandusky, only a few of which would have been active at the time.


The winners of the Lafayette contest which was sponsored by the D. A. R. was announced by Mrs. Macleod Tuesday at Junior High. The winners were two girls from Room 18, Harriet Westover and Luella Rote. Harriet received the first prize of $5 and Luella the second of $2.50. Room 18 is very proud of these two girls as they competed over eighth graders and Senior High students.
There's very little about my mother's childhood in her files. This may even be the only newspaper clipping from that time, although my father still has, in a separate location, a number of my mother's grade school report cards, so I think she must have been very proud of this award.

I'd love to find the original source, with the complete date, and I'd love to learn more about the contest in which the children participated. While I can speculate that this may have been an essay contest, that's only speculation and has no bearing on the actual facts.