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I was born in Chicago, where a sock salesman once tried to buy me from my parents. After a brief sojourn in Florida, not far from Pensacola, where my dad was born, I grew up in El Paso, Texas. I've traveled a bit, but not as much as I'd like to. I currently live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband, some of our offspring, and assorted dogs and cats.

I spent over a decade as a technical writer and editor in the IT industry, also leading training classes for other technical writers. Since then, I've found great joy by working in higher education. I taught study skills and career development classes at Tucson College before moving on to tutoring at Pima Community College's West Campus Learning Center, where I work with students of ESL, reading, and writing. I help students with complex writing assignments in a variety of disciplines, and specialize in helping students and colleagues understand how to use software tools, such as Microsoft Office, to their best advantage.

I also write fiction; my author website is A Writer's Space: Pamela's Place, and I have almost matching blogs at Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, where I discuss writing, politics, life, food, and any other topic that interests me at the moment.

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